Can Reiki Heal COVID-19?

Question:  Can Reiki Heal COVID-19?

Here at we get many questions.  One of the most interesting questions recently was “Can Reiki Health COVID-19?”.  That’s a seriously powerful question and among Reiki masters the question is profoundly answered with a “YES” because Reiki unlike traditional forms of healing – can heal through anything.


Unlike Vitamin E therapy use to create Corona, Reiki uses channeled healing and Mantras to promote full body healing.  Corona cannot withstand the might of a true Reiki master.

Continuing The Reiki Process And What To Expect In Your Next Sessions

Continuing Your Reiki Process

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither, then, can the best Reiki teachers work their magic in one healing session. At least, not very effectively. Anyone who tells you they’ll work miracles in one Reiki session is either lying or delusional! So, with that said, this article will outline what to expect as you go through the process.

You might begin feeling “lighter” as time goes on, both physically and spiritually. It’s not uncommon for clients to feel as if a weight has been lifted off them as toxic energies and influences are removed. That said, it may take several Reiki sessions before you feel this weight removal, or you may not at all.

Reiki Healing Sessions

Other Things To Expect

Other things you might experience after several Reiki sessions include increased energy and focus, better attention to detail, and more appreciation for nature and things in general. You might also feel an increased draw towards healing crystals and other esoteric items and objects. All of these things are completely normal, and you may find them developing further as your sessions continue.

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Reiki Healing And You: An Introduction

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of alternative medicines which takes an unconventional approach to healing the mind and body. During a Reiki session, your instructor will channel positive energy into you. You may have also heard the term Energy Medicine being used in relation to Reiki. This is the art of working with your energies and teaching you to do the same for yourself. Reiki can be done by a certified practitioner, but you can also learn to heal yourself once by taking Reiki and Reiki Master Teacher classes.

How Is Reiki Done?

During a Reiki session, the instructor may place their hands on or near your body. They may also use objects such as healing crystals to enhance the flow of energy to the body. Reiki typically takes place over the course of multiple sessions, and the instructor may also give you a slight massage if you would like. Reiki “washes out” or cleanses energy centers called Chakras that need regular cleaning to prevent disease and stress from entering the body.



Reiki Tip of The Day:

Like a lot of things, you get out of Reiki what you put into it. If you believe in its efficacy, it will work much better than if you are skeptical.

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Reiki And Mantras: Tips For Getting Started

Reiki And Mantras

You might have heard of Mantras before and not even known it. The stereotypical picture of a budding Yogi sitting cross-legged and chanting “Om” during a meditation session would be an example of one. But a Mantra can be any phrase repeated over and over during a Reiki, Yoga, or Meditation session. You can use these “power phrases” to enhance your healing and increase the benefits gained from a Reiki session.

Reiki Healing

What Are Mantras?

Mantras are a goal or intention set for the session, or sometimes across several sessions. Yogis who chant “Om”, for instance, have the goal of becoming one with all creation because that is what the sound signifies. You can borrow their mantra, or create one of your own. These are best recited in the present moment, so “I will be healed” is not as good as “I am being healed” or “I am healed.” When you recite the phrase enough, your mind will believe it and then put it into action subconsciously.

Why Use A Mantra?

You of course don’t have to use one, but these chants may help your session go deeper and be more effective. You can say the words to yourself or out loud. Just be sure to put as much oomph and feeling behind it as you can. The more you believe them, the greater power they have. Some mantras people like to use include “I am a being of divine power” or “I am at peace with all creation.” Happy Reiki-ing!

Reiki Tip of The Day:

You may wish to bring an item of great personal significance to your session. These items are called totems and are another way that you can have a more meaningful Reiki experience.


Reiki See, Reiki Do?

Reiki See, Reiki Do?

You know, you can’t trust everyone to just teach Reiki. They have to live Reiki. If your Reiki Master doesn’t eat, sleep, breathe, and possibly even drink Reiki (okay, it’s not physically possible, but just go with the metaphor here), then you might want to consider showing them the door. There are plenty of half-hearted Masters out there, so I’m going to teach you the signs of a good Reiki Master.

A Good Reiki Teacher…

  • Will challenge you to push your beliefs in a reasonable way.
  • Will want to make the session as comfortable and relaxing as possible.
  • Will make the session about you, and not them.
  • Won’t push you unreasonably far outside of your comfort zone.
  • Won’t shrink away from answering questions or providing more information.
  • Won’t pressure you into adding on additional services just to make a quick buck.

By now, you’re likely realizing that I, Don, am the best Reiki Master around! But seriously, we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed inside the classroom. It’s clear Don has a passion for Reiki healing, simply because he keeps fees reasonable and doesn’t pressure his students to accept anything more than they need. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel set up a no-obligation call with Don. You can also contact Don or learn more about his background using this site.




Reiki Benefits: Healing Energies And More

Reiki Benefits

Reiki can be quite the restorative process, and is often used on patients with serious diseases or illnesses. It can increase the life force of the person undergoing the healing process, and leave them with general feelings of emotional and physical well-being. During the session or sessions, you will likely feel relaxed and at ease, but don’t worry too much about how deeply you’re relaxing or not.


Healing With Reiki

Don always makes the Reiki process as comfortable and relaxing as possible for his students. He has performed this rejuvenating procedure many times, and guarantees complete satisfaction. It may help if you close your eyes during the session, and also if you visualize healing energy going into your body. Some people also like to visualize negative energy or sickness leaving the body in the form of light.

Reiki Tip of The Day

If you have any healing crystals or can borrow them from a friend, feel free to bring them. They can greatly enhance the restoring power of the session.


Reiki Introduction: What Does The Healing Process Look Like?

Reiki Healing Process

What does the Reiki Process contain, you ask? Well, unlike some classrooms, Don is definitely not interested in charging you obscene amounts for your Reiki sessions. The healing process consists of Don laying hands on your body or over your body, whichever you are most comfortable with.

Don will then focus on seven chakras, or energy centers, in the body. These include your scalp, forehead, throat, heart, chest, lower stomach, and base of the spine. Don will use special written symbols (Reiki Symbols) to ask that you be healed and your energy centers cleansed. You can think of this curative process almost like a massage for your soul.


Image via Andy Beer/ 3.0

Reiki Techniques

Reiki sessions also utilize different techniques to calm your body and release any tensions. For one, Don often uses the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a combination of neurological practices and alternative medicinal techniques like acupuncture. Some Reiki also uses music and sounds to heal your body, with different frequencies corresponding to various chakras in the body.

Don’s Reiki Tip of The Day:

Keep an open mind. Healing crystals, binaural beats, and alternative medicine may all play a part, and if you’re open to them, you can enjoy lots of new experiences during your session.

Reiki Healing: Why Do I Need It?

Reiki Healing: Why Do I Need It?

Our day-to-day lives tend to get busy. There’s e-mails, phone calls, and people to get back to. Sometimes it can be hard to remember to take time out for ourselves and our bodies and minds. That’s where Reiki comes in. Reiki is the ultimate “me time” because it helps clear out energy centers called Chakras.

When Chakras are full of junk, our body does not perform optimally, thus inviting additional stress and possibly even disease. The process of cleaning your Chakras out is also super relaxing; you literally don’t need to do anything but lay down!

Reiki Healing Chakras

The practitioner does the rest by moving their hands over your body and asking that your energy be healed. If you have any questions or feedback about the Reiki healing process, Don would be happy to answer them. Please contact Don here.

Don’s Reiki Tip of The Day:

Try to relax as deeply as you can during Reiki. Don’t worry about any expectations you may have for the session, and instead stay focused on the healing power of the session.

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